Creative Crystal Pirate Skull Shot Glass

Creative Crystal Pirate Skull Shot Glass Wine Cup Drinking Glasses

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Wine cup is widely used in everday life. There so many kinds of cups with different shapes and capacities. This item is a creative private skull shaped wine cup. It will bring you a lot of fun it you fill it with different beverages. It is good decoration when it is filled with wine.


- Color: Clear

- Material: Glass- Size: 4.7x4.7x4.7cm/1.9x1.9x1.9inch

- Capacity: 25ML

- With crystal clear borosilicate glass, it will give you different visual effect if it is filled with different liquid.

- The skull shape is well made and will not deform.

- Just pour wine into it and it becomes an artwork.

- It belongs to easily broken objects. Please place it into your cupboard when you dont use it.